Sports Medicine

For over 30 years Mass Equine has been well known for its experience in sports medicine. Mass Equine has experience treating all forms of disciplines which include, but are not limited to, hunter/jumper, dressage, racetrack, cutting, reining and barrel racing. We have many diagnostic modalities which include ambulatory and in-hospital lameness exams, endoscopy, gastroscopy, digital radiography and digital ultrasound to aid in diagnosis of sports related diseases. Examples of such disease are ligament, tendon, joint and muscular diseases such as osteoarthritis, OCD, sprains, strains, patellar fixations, developmental disorders, ligament and tendon tears.
In addition to diagnosis, we have experience with many forms of treatment including both medical and surgical. Examples are, specialized shoeing, joint injections, acupuncture, stem cell and PRP therapy, Irap, shockwave, etc…. We have extensive experience with surgical techniques which include, but are not limited to medial patellar ligament desmotomies, check ligament desmotomies and hoof wall resections.
Mass Equine has extensive experience managing sport horses and can serve all your needs.