The Massachusetts Equine Clinic is proud to offer a variety of surgical services, both standing and under general anesthesia. The Mass Equine team has over 25 years of experience performing various elective soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. We work very hard to make sure your horse’s surgical experience is safe and smooth. We have an equine purpose built surgical prep and padded recovery suite

Some examples of common surgical procedures performed are:
1) Castration, both routine (descended) and cryptorchid.
2) Palmar Digital Neurectomies, (nervings)
3) Mass/tumor removals
4) Severe wounds
5) Bone fragment/sequestrum removals
6) Skin grafting
7) Check ligament desmotomies
8) Medial patellar tendon splitting and desmotomies.
9) Caslick surgery/ vulvoplasty
10) Enucleation
11) Tooth removal
12) Cryosurgery
We offer both pre and post surgical care and all surgical patients receive take home instructions. A free phone consultation is available at anytime. Please call the office at 508-278-6511 to schedule a surgery and receive a complete estimate.